Иностранный язык в профессиональной деятельности

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1. The word …. means a list of dishes with prices served in the restaurant or café.
*main course
2. There is a constant need of items such as cleaning supplies, kitchenware, dishes, glasses, … , napery and uniforms.
3. Another category, which can be bought in bulk, consists of … foods.
4. The manager informs the … about the specifics of organizing and holding a specific banquet.
5. Most restaurants obtain price … from one or more sellers (also called vendors).
6. Meat dishes are …..
*frankfurters boiled tongue escalope
*shrimps herring salmon stewed
*mushrooms beans stewed cabbage
7. I would like ___ an order.
*to make
8. The selection of a banquet hall is important, but does not play such a big role as at a buffet or banquet … .
9. Banquet waiters’ … are not paid by individual diners but are included as part of the fee.
10. All areas in the restaurant must be kept … clean.
11. The … of guests at the table is determined by the protocol.
*cutting down
12. The simplest kind of catering involves preparation of a … food.
13. They have set tables ______________»
14. Guest ______include parking, fitness room, two restaurants and a bar.
15. The fact that restaurants is buying in … ordinary gives it a price advantage over the individual family purchaser.
16. Find the synonyms for the word “courtesy”
17. Banquets differ according to the … of the event.
18. Buying large quantities of food and beverages can be very … for the catering department.
19. The appetizers are served …..
*at the beginning of the meal
*at the end of the meal between
*main course and desserts
20. Many travelers want luxury, they want to feel_____
21. The continental breakfast is______at the restaurant each morning from 7 a.m. till 10 a.m
22. Any … must have good knowledge of food, market conditions and the capabilities of the kitchen and the stuff.
23. The events may … from weddings to birthday parties.
24. In many restaurants, the receiving clerk is also … .
*the storekeeper
25. The function of hospitality industry is to provide tourists with:
*food and drinks
26. The banquet … is in charge of the banquet.
27. In large cities, there are … merchants who specialize in supplying restaurants.
28. She will make an order if she ___ given the menu.
*will be
29. Canned and frozen foods are … foods because they are ready to serve with a minimum amount of preparation
30. The main function of the food and beverage service is to provide ___ for the restaurant or room service.
31. In smaller communities, the buyer may have to purchase from … merchants.
32. I know the woman ___ is standing there.
33. Still another form of foodservice is so called … .
34. Foodservice for special events or under special circumstances is called … .
*a la carte
35. A … is a formal dinner for a large group of people.
36. The chambermaids __ usually look after guests' children.
37. If you ___ the bill now, we'll return 5 percent to your credit card.
*will pay
*have paid
38. Foodservice can be provided by an outside organization for a fixed fee or a percentage of the … .
39. The banqueting services bring large … to hotels and restaurants all year round.
40. Guests with babies are usually provided with
*changeable clothes
*nappy-changing facilities
*paper napkins.
41. The cutlery is…..
*knifes forks spoons
*plates cups oup bowls
*sugar-basin salt-seller pepper shaker
42. When the meal is a hot one, it is sometimes delivered to the airline frozen or chilled and may then be heated in ... in the … .
43. The more stars, the higher the quality and the wider_________
*the range of services
44. An issue form is usually signed both by the steward and the individual who … them.
45. The largest and most important is … foods: these include meat, poultry, fish, fresh vegetables, etc.
46. ________ I have your phone number?
47. Large establishments may employ one or two … agents.
48. Many restaurants have got banqueting … .
49. We ___ satisfy your needs at any moment.
50. Guests with children are sometimes provided with
51. Large restaurants ordinary have walk-in … .
52. _______________is a meeting of members of a business or professional group, such as scientists, dentists, booksellers or language teachers.
53. «Ice cream _______every day».
*is serving
*is served
54. These are chambermaids, ________, restaurant staff who usually receive tips.
55. Before the banquet has started the manager makes … purchases of the products for the banquet.
56. An assistant waiter who clears away dirty plates and cutlery, offers bread and water to guests
57. The storeroom should be cool to retard … .

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